CMS/Accreditation Preparation Services

Are You at the Ready for Your Next CMS Survey? 
With so many moving parts in regulatory compliance, it’s possible that sometimes you won’t make the grade. ASCQS is here to guide you when you need a helping hand to integrate all the accreditation and compliance pieces, meet Conditions of Coverage (CfC’s) or course-correct any deficiencies through the creation and execution of a Plan of Correction.

CMS Accreditation Preparation

With Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) facing more frequent and comprehensive surveys than ever before, ASC leaders must be more vigilant than ever to understand the Conditions of Coverage (CfC) handed down by CMS. As importantly, leaders must understand how CMS interprets them. Keeping current with these requirements and getting high marks on the surveys and resurveys are not easy tasks.

Even if you are working with a management company that is helping you with the business aspects of your center’s operations, you will likely still need a health care resource to work with you onsite and help you stay on top of these compliance requirements—overall to provide the Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement services you need.

When you reach out to ASCQS, you can rest assured you will always be at the ready for a survey, have our assistance at the time of the survey and when receiving the survey results, and be in command of your day-to-day medical responsibilities to provide the optimum in patient care.

Call us to find out how ASCQS can help.

Specific Ways We Can Help

  • Prepare organizational goals and objectives and help develop an action plan that conforms to CMS requirement

  • Help with Life Safety Preparation—an extremely challenging task since the changes in the life safety codes were handed down in 2012; our work with AAAHC positions us well to get your Life Safety Preparation right

  • Assist your administration in the creation/maintenance of your policy and procedural manual

  • Schedule weekly conference calls with key ASC personnel to discuss your action plan, review current activities, target gap areas and identify steps to mitigate deficiencies

  • Help prepare an agenda and subsequently minutes for the meeting of you governing body and attend meetings in person, by phone or via teleconference

  • Simulate an onsite survey to determine your ASC’s readiness for its accreditation survey; Use the results of this survey to put you through the paces of benchmarking activities preparatory to meeting regulatory and accreditation compliance requirements.

  • Prepare a response, if necessary, to a Notice of Deficiency in survey findings

  • Provide you with assistance in creating and implementing your Plan of Correction

  • Prepare and submit a monthly report to your governing body with a summary of current regulatory issues and apprising them of developments with regulatory requirements, and a status report on your ASC’s action plan and activities

  • Provide all these services in conjunction with a management company if you’re using a management company to assist with your practice management services

We can help with:
  • Prepare organizational goals and objectives

  • CMS Action Plans

  • Policy/Procedure Manuals

  • Mitigation Plans/Monitoring

  • Governing Body Meetings

  • Simulated ASC Surveys

  • ASC Survey Benchmarking Activities

  • Notice Of Deficiency Responses

  • Plan Of Correction

  • ASC Action Plan Reporting

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