Surgery Center Life Safety Management

ASCQS / RitewayKeeping clients compliant with today's more stringent life-safety policy compliance requirements for medical facilities. RWS has pioneered an exclusive Life-Safety Program available in 4 levels of Life-Safety compliance assistance to meet the specific needs of our healthcare industry clients.

Life Safety Management Program

Our program is designed to keep your facility in compliance with CMS required Life Safety and Physical Environment testing. A Riteway ASCQS trained technician will perform monthly site visits to assess and record the required system functions and tests on critical systems as outlined below per CMS and NFPA codes. We will manage your existing service contracts for you , assuring that work is done correctly and arranging repairs as needed . One phone call to Riteway ASCQS and it is handled!

Equipment and Systems Included in monthly testing:

  • General safety walkthrough inside building
  • Inspection of stretcher, O.R. tables, wheelchairs, sterilizers, and O.R. lights quarterly
  • Monitor and review maintenance provided by contracted vendors
  • Generator- monthly connected load test
  • Transfer Switch: Monthly testing
  • Inspection of above ground fuel tank
  • Generator monthly battery check
  • Vacuum Pump(s)--verify function of lead/lag and pump rotation; check alarms
  • Fire Alarms: Review panel monthly, verify condition is normal
  • Sprinkler /riser room
  • Nurse Call/Code Blue Systems: test systems monthly
  • Positive and Negative Pressure testing of procedure rooms and work rooms
  • Emergency battery operated lighting: 30 second testing
  • Emergency EXIT lighting: 30 second testing
  • Line Isolation Monitoring tests: test monthly
  • Hot Water temperature testing: Measure water temp monthly in 2 sinks
  • Eye Wash Station testing: monthly
  • Fire Extinguisher checks monthly
  • Medical Gas room and panels: Test alarms and lights, inspect tanks ; inventory tanks and audit medical gas invoices
  • Annual Fire Door Inspection
  • Annual 90 minute testing of emergency battery operated lighting and exit signs
  • Fireman's elevator recall testing
  • Maintain written records of all testing in Riteway binders

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