Management Company Partnership Services

Lending a Hand in the Delivery of Health Care Services 
Superior surgical outcomes are dependent on an ASC’s integration of best business practices with the continuous oversight of a center’s underlying systems of care. It helps to have a partner onsite to oversee quality improvement (QI). ASCQS can be your partner in improving health care service delivery and the outcomes that result in high-quality patient care. 

Compliance Quality Assurance &
CMS-mandated care systems

When you’re seeking an organization to help you operate daily with outstanding standards of care and service delivery, look no farther than ASCQS. Let us provide your ASC with all the necessary tools and strategies to deliver compliant, superior patient care and excellent surgical outcomes.

ASCQS’ oversight in all aspects of regulatory compliance, QA and QI, and CMS-mandated Care Systems and compensation can help to ensure your: 

  • Compliance with CMS benchmarking activities for Conditions of Coverage (CfC), Life Safety and pay for performance methodologies

  • Preparation for the frequent Medicare or deemed status surveys

  • Elimination of fear of surveyor-noted deficiencies

  • Guidance in preparation of a Plan of Correction (POC) within the required 10-day period

  • Execution of the POC and monitoring of POC activities

We can help with:
  • CMS Benchmarking Activities

  • Conditions of Coverage (CfC)

  • CMS Mandated Systems

  • Plan of Correction (POC)

  • Execution of POC

  • Monitor POC Activity

Ambulatory Surgery Center
Quality Services

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